A Better Way to Sell

If you’ve got used equipment, trucks or trailers to sell, you may want to think twice about selling them yourself. The concept seems simple enough, you pay a listing company money, they list your item and you sit back and wait for the offers to roll in. While you might think selling something yourself guarantees that you’ll put the most money in your pocket, you might not be counting the hours of your life the process will take away and all the headaches involved with selling something.

Taking calls day and night, taking time away from work to meet with potential buyers only to find out they’re just tire kickers, dealing with hagglers and scam artists- it can take a lot out of you. And in the end, you might take home less than your equipment is worth just to be done with the whole situation. Why not find professionals who will market your items to serious buyers and get you the best deal possible?

At eQuip, we’ll take care of every step of the sales process, all you’ve got to do is list your item with us – for free. From there, we’ll value it, photograph it, inspect it and get to work on getting it sold.

We put your inventory in front of millions of potential buyers by placing ads online throughout the world as well as in print – but it doesn’t stop there. At eQuip, we’ll send emails, make calls, send direct mail and even market your equipment directly to other business owners face to face. By getting your equipment in front of as many potential buyers as possible, we get your inventory sold. And once we’ve found a buyer, we’ll even handle the final negotiations and assist in shipment. All you have to do is list it with eQuip, and consider it sold.

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